Infield/Outfield Fungo BamBooBat

Infield/Outfield Fungo BamBooBat
All Infield and Outfield Fungo BamBooBat are made with the Highest Quality Bamboo! Quadcore Technology for superior durability.Beautiful high gloss finish on all models. Excellent balanced feel on all sizes. Bamboo material has a greater tensile strength than steel.

100 day warranty against breakage on all fungo models.

Get your game in high gear! Get the Original BamBooBat Fungo Today!

Product Features:

Composition: Bamboo,

Barrel: Long,

Contour: Hard taper from barrel to handle,

Knob/Taper: Medium Knob,

Weight: Balanced,

Handle: 15/16 inch handle,

Cupped End: Yes,

Graphics: BamBooBat logo.