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Welcome to the BamBooBat Store.

Here at the BamBooBat Store you will find every item that is sold by Pinnacle Sports Equipment. So take a look around and check out what we have to offer. If you are searching for a high quality baseball or softball bat your search is over. Any item you buy is going to be made from the highest quality material. Bamboo, ash or maple we make them all. We are the Official BamBooBat. Buy from the Original, know your getting a real BamBooBat.

BBCOR Certified Bats

Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. is the manufacturer of several different models of BBCOR certified baseball bats. We brand models under the Pinnacle Sports Equipment brand as well as the BamBooBat brand.

Under the Pinnacle Sports Equipment brand we make one line of baseball bats made out of bamboo material that we offer a 30 day warranty on. This model comes in adult sizes from 30Ē through 34Ē. It comes in a variety of color combinations as well. You can purchase this bat in solid black, black/natural or black/brown. This bat is a great bat to use as your batting practice or game bat. It is typically priced at retail for about $49.99. It is probably the only bat on the market priced under $50 that you will find gives you a warranty if you break it during the warranty period.

The other line that is BBCOR approved is the patented Energize line. There are two types of Energize models. The Energize has an end loaded feel and the Energize II has a more balanced feel. Both of these models offer an amazing One Year Warranty against breakage if they are broken within the warranty period. With our patented fused bamboo fiber handle and bamboo and wood laminated barrel these bats are high performance bats that offer the same type of durability that the most expensive metal or composite bats offer at a substantially lower price. At a retail price of $129.99 this series of bats is going to be the dominant bat in the market. When you compare our performance, price and warranty to the competition it will become abundantly clear that the Energize series is the smart choice to make. Available in four different color variations you can purchase the Energize in black/white or silver/black and the Energize II in solid black or brown/natural. The last series of bats made of bamboo material is our 100 Day Warranty model that is branded under our BamBooBat brand. This series of bats has a different mix of bamboo species and offers slightly more durability. At a retail price of $69.99 it is still the best value for the price. This model is available in five different color combinations. Solid black, solid natural, natural/black, brown/black and black/white.

Each and every size and color bat we offer is now BBCOR approved and listed on the NCAA website for anyone to see. Not listed are our maple and ash bats as they donít need to be listed because they are made of one solid piece of wood. Be sure to try out one of our bats and tell your friends about them as well. Once you try one of our bats you will know why we are the leader in the bamboo bat category. We are the Original BamBooBat. Donít accept less than the original. When you want a bat made of bamboo be sure it a Pinnacle Sports Equipment product.

If you can't find what you are looking for, LET US KNOW. Email Us at SALE@BAMBOOBAT.COM or call us 718-698-0775