Turbo Puck

* Rubber Body, Enhances Durability.

* Large Exterior Turbo Inserts – Enhances Speed.

* Central Slik Insert – Provides Balance & Stability.

* Textured Designed Edge – Enhances Stick/Puck Feel.

* Heavy Weight – Aids In Passing and Puck Control.

* Strategic placement of all inserts combined with the fact that we make the Turbo.

* Puck heavier than traditional in-line pucks provides for much smoother play.

* The puck stay’s flatter and won’t flip as much as other pucks on the market today.

Available in eight different colors: Blue/White, Orange/White, Green/White, Black/Orange, Black/Green, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue, Black/White.

* Contact us at sponsorship@turbopuck.com to have your organization sponsored by Turbo Puck. We have a sponsorship plan for every organization. Make Turbo Puck the Official Puck of your organization.